OLP2 (09. 05. 2015)
Kategorija: Competition
Karta/področje: Buzet
Organizator: OK Ris
Država: Croatia
Disciplina: sprint
The road to the start resembled a little bit to the path to the start of EYOC 2006 sprint in Škofja Loka. I sort of expected crossing the city walls on the way to the first control and then a couple of short legs, but was pretty much surprised by the route-finding problem to the CP2. I used quite some time to get a grip and located the only possible variant. A couple of locals, who obviously knew, where it is best to climb the (impassable) walls did not help with this decision. Everything was happening too fast for me on this map. In this way it reminds me a little bit on the Piran map. I still do not know, what the problem was, but I had a big problem recognizing the shapes of the buildings and detecting them on the map. I was running "by the feeling" for quite a while. Not starting with a compass did not help at all. Finally in the middle of the long leg to CP5 I was able to "consume" the map and could make a rough plan for at least one leg ahead. On the way to CP7 I was unable to focus near the entrance to the city walls from where 3 roads are passing with similar directions. I had this same problem to the way to the finish. I did my first real mistake to the CP8. Not checking the control description I was sure the CP was on the top level, inside the wall. Of course, I could not locate the entry inside the walls and was thinking that maybe circle was not cut ... Silly mistake. I did see my CP, but it did not occur to me, it was mine. Next small mistake was to CP11, when I ran into first alley on the right - towards CP14. On the way towards CP12 I recognized the big gap between the two buildings at the end of the square as some private yard ... Again - I was pretty unsure when approaching control. Leaving CP14 should be really simple, but I just did not see the passage and was checking two entrances to some houses/stores.

Overall - I finished with a time a little bit too much behind the winner. All my legs were mediocre - technically and physically. Relatively small buildings with all kinds of irregular shapes made it very difficult for me to interpret them from the map. Although the technical performance was really bad, I was glad that my feeling for direction and distance did not fail me.

This was probably one of the worst ran sprint courses for me, but - as it was the first of the season, this could be ok.
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OLP2 (09. 05. 2015)